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NGO SEEK is an opensource platform for Nonprofit and Non-governmental organizations [ NGO ] to post their public profiles, which helps to find volunteers, fundraisers, sponsors, and even donors for their Social welfare projects. Such open profiles help to find needy people to assist, to find Victims of social causes, to make creations and innovations in social welfare sector around the world. Also, this helps the public to seek and utilize the services of NGO and Nonprofits.

NGO Profiles

NGO Profiles

Post your Nonprofit NGO Profile to reach the public. NGO seek helps in two ways. In one way, it helps the victims of the social cause, who seek NGO assistance. In another way, it helps the nonprofit organizations to find the volunteers, Project sponsors, Organizational Partners or even donors.

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Sucessful Nonprofit NGO

Successful Nonprofit NGO

Publish your NGO Goal Achievements and keep your profile in top premium, by uploading your social welfare activity photos and videos. You have more opportunities to visualize your achievements and helps to keep your organization with the best reputation and goodwill.

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Social Welfare Categories

Social Welfare Categories

There are more than 150 social welfare causes and categories in alphabetical order. Publishing your NGO profile by choosing the correct category for your nonprofit organization shall help to achieve your online goals.

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'NGO SEEK' is an information portal which helps Nonprofit and non-governmental Organization to publish their organization profile over the internet. It helps the general public to find a suitable nonprofit organization by their social welfare activities. It also helps such nonprofit organizations to find suitable needy to assist, to find volunteers, to find sponsors for social projects, for fundraising, and to get Donors for their social welfare projects.

'NGO seek' portal is an open source platform, where there is no charges or payments for anything. So do not pay any money to anyone. It helps Nonprofit Organizations, Volunteers, Social Workers, Donors, Project partners and NGO Job seekers around the world to publish their profile which is visible to everyone.

This 'NGO Seek' portal is useful for humankind in two ways.

As the first way, NGO shall seek needy, victims of social causes, Sponsors for their projects, volunteers, Fundraisers for long term projects and Donors to get contributions and funds for their organization.

The second way, the general public users, volunteers, sponsors, donors, victims of a social cause can reach nonprofit NGO through the contact information, phone numbers, email addresses and website links of such NGO Profiles.

Do not post confidential, personal, or organizational details like bank accounts, bank information or taxation numbers, license numbers, organization registration numbers, date of births, organization registration dates, and residential addresses.

We respect the privacy of everyone and every organization. We never collect or share any personal or confidential information of any individual or organizations. We never call any individual or organization from NGO SEEK. Please do not respond to anonymous phone calls or emails which bear the NGO SEEK name.

Global NGO and Nonprofit Categories

There are several nonprofit ngo categories in the main panel. Some important Nonprofit NGO categories are listed here to browse by Alphabetical order. If there is no listing in a category, then that page will direct you to the top of this site, where you can join or login to post in such NGO category.

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