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NGO SEEK helps Nonprofit organizations to post their NGO Profile, to find volunteers, sponsors, donors for social welfare projects, to post NGO JOB vacancy placements, to find needy people to help, to find Victims of a social causes and to make creations and social services around the world. This also helps public to utilize the services of NGOs and Non profits.

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If you are from NGO like Trust, Society, Foundation or from a Nonprofit Company, You shall post your profile which will be published online. This will help your organization to reach public.

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Its 100% Free To post NGO Profile. (NGO - Non Governmental Organizations like Trust, Society, Foundation and Non Profit Companies) To post your NGO Profile, you must be an authenticated person of the Organization.

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Certain things you need to know how to post a worthy message about NGO to reach the public. You have more possibilities to upload NGO Photos, Nonprofit Program photos with beautiful and fair information.

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NGO SEEK information portal [Newly started] helps Nonprofit Organization to post and publish their profile at internet. It helps public to find a suitable NGO and also helps NGO to find suitable people to help or to find volunteers, sponsors for social projects, and Donors for their social welfare projects. That is to seek NGO or NGO seek.

NGO seek portal is a open source platform, where there is no charges or payments for anything. So do not pay any money to anyone. If you pay then its your own risk. helps Nonprofit Organizations, Volunteers, Social Workers, Donors, Sponsoring companies, NGO Job seekers around the world to post and publish their profile which is publicly visible at internet.

In two ways this NGO Seek is useful.

The first way is NGO shall seek needy, victims of social causes, Sponsors for their projects, Donors, Candidates for Job Vacancies in their NGO, to get help funding their organization, Fund raisers for long term projects.

The second way is general users, sponsors, donors, ngo job seekers, victims of a cause can reach you through contact link of NGO Profiles or through the visible phone and email addresses of NGO seek.

In addition to NGO PROFILE Posting categories, NGOs shall also post their job vacancies, placements, contracts, and much more which helps NGO Job seekers and part time or contractors to access the same.


Do not post your confidential personal or organizational details like bank accounts, bank information or taxation numbers, license numbers, organization registration numbers, date of births, organization registration dates, residential addresses etc. NGO Seek will not call you over phone at any time or any day, so do not respond calls from spam or fake people.

Hope this will help everyone to make creations and innovations in this world.


At present, NGOs shall post profiles in categories like Accounting, Adolescents, Adoption, Aged , Agriculture , Aids , Alcoholism And Addiction , Animal Welfare , Art And Culture , Artisans, Awareness Generation , Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Cancer, Capacity Building, Children, Citizens, Community Service, Consultancy, Consumers, Corporate Social Responsibility , Cottage Industry, Counseling, Disaster Management, Displaced Persons, Education And Training , Energy Conservation, Environment, Family Planning And Po , Field Implementation , Financial Assistance , Forestry, Fund Raising, Funding Agencies, Gender Issues, General, Handicap Support, Health And Nutrition, Housing, Human Resource Development , Human Rights, Income And Employment , Information And Communication , Laborers, Laws, Legal Assistance, Legal Awareness, Leprosy, Livestock Management , Marginalized Community , Marketing, Mentally Challenged, Micro credit, Micro finance, Minority Community, Multiple Disabilities , Natural Calamities, Networking, Non Governmental Org , Organization Development , Impaired , Parents, Peace And Conflict , Policy Advocacy, Political Awareness, Pollution, Poverty Eradication, Project Evaluation, Public Administration , Rehabilitation, Research And Documentation , Rural Development, Rural Technology, Sanitation, Science And Technology , Seminars And Workshops , Sex Workers, Sexual Harassment, Shelter, Skill Development, Slums, Small Scale Industry , Social Evils, Socio-economic Development , Soil Conservation, Speech And Hearing Imp , Spiritual And Metaphysics , Sports, Statistical Information, Suicide Prevention, Supportive Services, Technical Assistance, Technology Development, Tribal And Indigenous, Urban Development, Visually Impaired, Volunteer Programs, Waste Management, Wasteland Development , Water, Watershed Development , Welfare, Wildlife, Women, and Youth Welfare.

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